Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letter For Arab Leader

Dear Arab leaders,

You should have noticed that I do not give you my Salam,as I would to other Muslims - I do not give you the greeting I would give to another brother in faith, or even one given to a brother in humanity.

You do not deserve it,neither do you respect the esteemed title bestowed upon us by our Beloved Prophet Ibrahim (peace and blessings be unto him).
You all have stood silent,like stones with polished domestic faces in ironed out suits,while Israel bombards Gaza with missiles, like pieces of hell raining down from the skies.

The Palestinians of Gaza have cried, and shouted and they have produced their own 'Red Sea' upon the earth while you all stood watch - unmoving,without an ounce of emotion or compassion.

You have all been scolded and cast out as traitors by not only the Arab populace but the international community as well - you have been called "Dogs,Pigs,Rats" and I must add as well,'the grotesque perfumes of fecal matter produced from all said animals'.

You allowed the Western powers to occupy Afghanistan and slaughter the babes in their sleep and you permitted the Western powers to rape the women in Iraq so they may be "liberated" - but most recently you have allowed Gaza to be starved,persecuted,subjugated by an enemy so vile that Satan himself would call her his ally.

Israel,the terrorist state delivered from a Balfour abortion,suckled with the breast of colonialism and clothed in the very patches of Hitlers army.
I do not plead for you to help Gaza for it is all too obvious that you all would rather sell your mothers into slavery rather than refuse an American dollar or an Israeli shekel.

I ask you all to seek forgiveness from Allah,seek mercy from the wrath that awaits you - by the will of God you shall be dealt with later, on the day of judgement itself. There you will stand naked,alone and shamed before your Lord,you shall not have your crowns or your tailored suits to make you more "presentable". You will not have your allies and your companions by your side to defend you like twisted makeshift saviors.

One of you has refused to even let the dead leave Gaza in body bags,another ironically denied the Gazans visas to leave on a Holy Pilgramige (Hajj).
During this Hajj it is customary to sacrifice a lamb in rememberance of the sacrifice of Ishmeal - who was saved by the mercy of God.
Instead of the tradional sacrifice of the lamb you have all sacrificed the Gazans as your tribute instead.

What are we to do with you,oh "leaders" of the Arab world?
What are we to say to you while we cry tears and you laugh yourselves into them while have chats with the enemy?

The animals that lay in the wildests parts of the jungles of the world have more feelings and more heart than you bastard sons do - they mourn their dead,they grieve when one of their children leaves this world,some even hunt the killers of their children.

What are we to say about your emotions towards the people of Gaza,who have been slaughtered by a beast who has sworn to have more than just Palestine?
What are we to say about your feelings towards those fighting against this beast with rockets and stones?

You dare call them the cause of this massacre while you sit on your thrones rejoicing in your food and drink?

Just today Olmert helped reveal you men even more, stating that "The Arab leaders have told Israel not to stop" - not to stop the warfare,the murder,the pilage.
But what you do not understand,oh "leaders" of the Arab world, is that we have learned from you - we have learned that you do not fear Allah,let alone the actions you commit in defiance of him.

But you shall all pay in the end,you shall pay in ways unimaginable by your small mind and stone like hearts - for the will of Allah cannot be stopped;
Not with dollars,shekels,gold or silver. Not with crowns,thrones or ironed out suits.
With or without you we shall have victory - if not in this world,the hereafter God willing.

With or without you our men shall be victorious and you shall be removed from your thrones and sent back to walk on all fours,if not by them by Allah.
May the screams of your people haunt you while you sleep,may the cries of mothers rip at your ears and may the blood of our children be imprinted on your hands.

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